• Mountains cover about 24 percent of the world’s land surface

  • Mountain areas are second only to coasts and islands as popular tourism destinations

  • Lone Mountain Big Sky, Wyoming

  • White Clouds Wilderness, Idaho

The Alliance for Mountain Environments

Our objectives are:
1. To conduct interdisciplinary academic and applied research and teaching activities.
2. To provide education and training on topics related to mountain areas.
3. To conduct outreach activities that will engage people and broaden access to mountain areas.
4. To promote understanding of the social, cultural, environmental, and economic impacts of human activity in mountain areas.
5. To mobilize knowledge generated in academic environments to others interested in mountain issues.


Amazing Mountain Photos

Mountains range over every continent and all major types of ecosystems, from deserts and tropical forests to polar icepacks. See visuals of a range of these areas experienced by our associates on a regional and international basis.

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About Us

Meet the people involved

A blurb to help people convert and meet those behind the project. Content like this fills the empty void of just having a button that says “click here”.

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